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We Value Your Partnership

The Greco Building Group, Inc. cooperates with active licensed Brokers and their Agents, regarding securing a Construction Agreement for their client(s).


To be eligible for the full sales commission protection please Register your client prior to their first visit or contact with The Greco Building Group.  This will entitle you to a commission, provided your client executes a Construction Agreement with The Greco Building Group within 90 days of this registration. 


Registration can be done via phone (440-899-9200)

or email (


Commission protection can be extended an additional 90 days by re-registering anytime within the initial registration period.  This provides the Real Estate Agent continuous commission protection. 


The Real Estate Agent may assign their client(s) to work with The Greco Building Group construction consultant directly and in doing so will still be entitled to commission protection. 


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Realtor to keep track of registration dates to ensure client(s) are re-registered.


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