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Steps to take when

building a new home

When building a new home, a balance must be struck between Location, Budget and Design.  There must be some give and take between the three.  We are available to guide you through this process. 



We have building sites available throughout Northeast Ohio.  We keep a number of building sites in our corporate inventory.  In addition, we have a vast inventory of available building sites through our network of Builders, Developers, Land Owners and Realtors. Chances are, no matter where you want to live, we can accommodate you. 


Our design team has compiled a data base of well over 20,000 plans that can be used as they are or as a jumping off point for the design of your new home. Our in-house designers use the latest in computer aided design to turn your wants into reality.





We have relationships with many lenders in the area that can assist you in formulating a budget for your new home that you are comfortable with.


If you have a home to sell, we can help with that as well. Our associate Realtors will help assure that your transition from your old home to your new home will go smoothly.


Land costs, restrictions and utilities in a Location can affect the Budget.  Lot size, shape, topography and views can affect the Design



Being candid about your Budget will help us lead you to the right Location and Design.




The perfect Design with all the right amenities remains just a dream without a Location to build it on or if it is way over your Budget.



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