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What Else We Do

So maybe you're not quite ready for that new home, or maybe you want to get your existing home ready to sell for top dollar.  We can help.  Our remodeling services can bring a taste of our style into your existing home to create something special.


We also provide commercial construction for those businesses that need help with site selection, a building from the ground up or a build-out in an existing building.


Consider The Greco Building Group for your remodeling needs. Homeowners can be scared of remodeling and the invasion and risk it represents to their biggest investment. We understand that you can be overwhelmed and at times frustrated about the difficulties in knowing who to select, what to do, and how to go about it. Selecting a contractor should be based on your ability to have trust and confidence in the contractor and their management of the process. The contractor must communicate effectively, understand your fears and emotions, and maintain a good relationship throughout the entire project and afterwards. We know your project is very important to you and that you want to be certain you employ a contractor who has experience with your type of project, can be trusted with the care of your family and possessions and who will do the job right.


We at The Greco Building Group are confident that if chosen for you remodeling project we can accept the responsibility of fulfilling your expectations.

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Commercial Construction

Consider The Greco Building Group for your next commercial project. Our commercial construction division utilizes many of the same personnel as our residential divisions along with several contractors specifically trained in commercial construction.

We are confident that if chosen for your commercial project we can accept the responsibility of fulfilling your expectations.


Our company's style can be described as experienced, honest, knowledgeable & personable. We become a custodian to the concepts of the architect and engineer while maintaining a fiduciary relationship with the owners. We invite the owner and architect's involvement and completely appreciate the need for changes as the project takes on dimension during construction. We are keenly aware of the sensitivity of a budget and try to work with those involved to "value engineer" the project.

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